Bolsinger Rebar offers a variety of concrete reinforcing accessories to support your project.

  • Grip-Rite PROLOK Rebar/Mesh Chairs
  • Grip-Rite Beam Bolsters
  • Grip-Rite Continuous High Chairs
  • Grip-Rite Individual Rebar Chairs
  • Grip-Rite Rod Chairs
  • Grip-Rite Slab Bolsters
  • Dowel Baskets
  • Slab Bolster Plain
  • Slab Bolster Epoxy
  • Slab Bolster Tipped/Dipped
  • Slab Bolster Epoxy & Dipped
  • Tie Wire
  • Slab Bolster Upper Plain
  • Slab Bolster Upper Epoxy
  • Slab Bolster with Plate
  • Beam Bolster, Plasteic Dipped/Tipped
  • Beam Bolster Upper-Plain
  • Individual High Chairs-Plain
  • Individual High Chairs-Dipped
  • Survey Rebar Pins

Concrete Reinforcement Steel Products Include:

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