Slab Bolster Epoxy & Dipped

Bolsinger Rebar
  • Description

OCM Slab Bolster Epoxy Coated metal bar supports are used in commercial concrete projects to support upper and lower mats of reinforcing steel in elevated concrete decks, footings, slab on grade, slab on metal deck, bridge decks and other applications.


  • Available in heights ranging from 1" to 3" in 1/2" increments.
  • Manufactured in 60" Lengths.
  • Epoxy Coating is done only at approved coating suppliers within the United States with epoxy powder that is supplied by manufacturers that supply 100% Made in USA material. The epoxy powder meets the requirements of ASTM A775, AASHTOM254 and /or ASHTOM284 and is applied at a minimum thickness of 6 mils to satisfy the DOT requirements for all states.
  • Bar Supports supplied by OCM CRSI and "Buy America requirements.
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