Welded Wire Mesh

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Welded Wire Mesh is sometimes referred to as Welded Wire Reinforcement (“WWR”) or simply wire mesh. Welded Wire Mesh is used to reinforce concrete slabs and prevent cracking. It is used as a light weight alternative to using rebar in slabs.

WWR is available in several standard widths and lengths. It can be purchased in flat sheets or in rolls. A list of standard sizes is provided below

Wire Mesh is specified in either the “W” style designation or Gauge designation. Most prints and engineers will specify the “W” style designation, but some people will still refer to it by the gauge. To help determine what size you need, see the “W” style and Gauge designations below!

Wire mesh is available in plain carbon steel or epoxy coated.

Wire mesh is commonly referred to as steel remesh, wire fabric, or welded wire reinforcement. It is another method of structural reinforcement.

Wire mesh sizes are identified by two sets of numbers. (Ex. 4 x 12). The first number is the longitudinal spacing in inches, the second number is the transverse spacing of the wires.

Wire mesh is available in black steel and epoxy coated.

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