Save Time and Money With Wireless Concrete Sensors

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Bolsigner Rebar is a rebar fabrication company in Cascade, Iowa. We believe in providing quality products and value-added services to make our customers more efficient. We offer pre-assembled and fabricated rebar that saves contractors labor hours by reducing the amount of fabrication and assembly done in the field. We are always looking to make life easy for you by providing you with information about constantly improving technology. Wireless concrete sensors are what we are introducing to all our customers. A wireless concrete monitoring sensor catered to general contractors, engineers, ready-mix suppliers, and precasters for the in-place monitoring of concrete.

The purpose of our sensors is to save our customers time and money that is spent testing their concrete off-site. We can provide temperature and resistivity information on their concrete which tells them the strength of their concrete overall. This will benefit general contractors, engineers, ready-mix suppliers, precasters, and anyone who wants to have real-time data on the strength of their concrete. Sensytec technology can detect any issues in the structure before it becomes a problem, thus reducing unnecessary costs with coring and cylinder testing. With the assistance of SensyRoc™️, general contractors and project managers can now wirelessly monitor the health of early-age concrete. Using SensyRoc™️ sensors, you can get real-time data analytics on temperature, strength developments, concrete quality, and electrical resistivity. 

Steps to using SensyRoc™️: 

1. Open the app and input the username and password sent to your email.

2. While in the app, navigate to your projects and select the project you are working on to see your sections/pours. 

3. Tap the (+) icon to create a new section/pour within that project and give it a name. 

4. Now, go ahead and turn ON the sensor by moving the switch away from the cable side.

5. Next, select the pour/section you just created to see where you can add and see your sensors.

6. Now, to add the sensor you just turned on, click on the (+) icon so that it scans for the sensor. Once it pops up, click on it.

7. Once you have clicked on the sensor, it will ask you to give it a name and assign it a section/pour.

8. Before adding your sensors, you will want to look at the optional settings to change how often

your sensor records data.

9. You will then need to select the maturity and threshold based on the parameters that you want to measure.

10. Once you have all your desired settings, click “add sensor.” It will ask you if you would like to

start the pour, or if you want to wait, skip pouring. 

The pricing will depend on the scale of the project and the type of sensor you want to use. We would meet with you to figure out something that fits your needs. To learn more about this, contact SensyTec by clicking here

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