How You Can Overcome Labor Shortages In The Construction Industry

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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to disrupt the economy, its impacts are affecting everything from material availability, shipping, construction funding, and labor availability. With tighter margins and more competition for projects, construction firms are facing additional hurdles to an already challenging market. The widespread labor shortages add an additional challenge that impacts the construction industry.

As experts in the field, we at Bolsinger Rebar want to help construction contractors, construction owners, and superintendents with their labor shortage issues. This is why we have written down points that can help overcome labor shortages in the construction industry.   

One way to address the labor shortage is to do more work with less labor. By making labor more efficient, construction firms can get by with a smaller workforce. Firms can be more accurate and efficient by investing in technologies like BIM and Trimble.

3D BIM models allow coordination and collaboration on the construction project and resolve conflicts before the fabrication and installation phases. BIM models can be accessed directly on the job site through handheld devices giving the installers access to detailed placement information. The BIM model can be loaded directly into Trimble.

Trimble layout tools can speed up the layout process and help crews be more accurate in setting elevations and foundation placement. Benchmark points are set up onsite and aligned to the 3D model to help with accurate installation. Since conflicts were resolved during the design phase, the installation is seamless and more efficient. 3D BIM models can also generate fabrication drawings and cut lists that can be sent directly to fabricators and cut tables.

Off-site prefabrication reduces labor hours onsite by performing more hours in the fabrication shop. Fabrication shops are more efficient since they can fabricate larger quantities, are scalable, climate-controlled, and safer. Choosing a rebar fabrication partner that can offer these services in-house can maximize a construction firm’s productivity onsite. Bolsinger Rebar can provide 3D BIM models, fabrication drawings, and off-site prefabrication.

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