Is Rebar Pre-Fabrication Right For My Project?

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Supply chain bottlenecks, skilled labor shortages, and increased material costs have created nightmares for the construction industry. It’s left contractors searching for innovative ways to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Therefore, rebar pre-fabrication is a perfect fit for a wide variety of construction projects.

Pre-fabricated rebar can be easily cut, bent, or pre-tied for practically any project need and has many benefits.

The advantages of rebar pre-fabrication include:

  • Pre-fabrication saves contractors labor hours onsite, allowing them to complete more work with fewer workers.
  • It allows contractors to shorten project schedules by using just-in-time delivery.
  • For high-volume repetitive bar shapes, pre-fabrication allows for quality, consistency, and volume that would be challenging to achieve with onsite fabrication.
  • Contractors achieve a higher quality outcome by having rebar fabricated in a climate-controlled warehouse rather than onsite.

3D models

In addition to the above benefits, the rebar fabrication process can be further enhanced when paired with rebar placement drawings or 3D BIM models as it resolves rebar clashes before they reach the field. These 3D models can be quickly converted to the cut lists and sent directly to the shears and benders, which saves time.

On or off-site?

Unfortunately, many contractors prefer to fabricate rebars themselves onsite, as they are reluctant to give up the flexibility and control of cutting what they need.

It may work on some sites, but it can be time-consuming, less accurate, and labor-intensive.

So it’s best to speak to your local fabricator to help determine the best approach for your project.

What does it cost?

Rebar fabrication costs vary depending on the project’s scope, and complex ones can cost more. However, pre-fabrication can significantly offset the cost of onsite labor by making them more efficient.

The best applications for pre-tied services are repetitive, pre-tied elements like cages or piers that can be effectively replicated and benefit from the scale a fabrication shop can provide. Projects that need a lot of custom cuts and bends can also benefit from the economies of scale and quality of pre-fabricated rebar.

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