All You Need To Know About Rebar Centralizers

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At Bolsinger Rebar, we keep ourselves on top of the latest technology in building techniques and materials. One of our newest products that can be used to facilitate cementing and stabilizing is Rebar Centralizers.

Rebar Centralizers are used for vertical alignment of cages, drilled piers, and rebar elements within a shaft. They help maintain the required clearances and concrete cover during placement. Also, the vertical alignment of Rebar elements is easy for installers as most models snap on and install easily.

The Rebar Centralizers take the guesswork out of achieving proper concrete cover throughout the shaft. Long drilled shafts make it hard to align the cages properly. The top-end may achieve the required clearances but may be misaligned deeper in the shaft. But when you use Rebar Centralizers, it gives an accurate alignment every time.

Rebar Centralizers can be ordered with different concrete covers to meet the exact specifications of your project. It provides quality assurance to contractors, engineers, and inspectors that the reinforcement is placed accurately every time.

With Rebar Centralizers, the installers select the bar size the centralizer will be attached to, the required concrete cover, and the quantity. They simply snap into place on the rebar cage, and they are ready to be lowered in the shaft. This product is an economical solution to rebar cage alignment.

At Bolsinger Rebar, we can supply a variety of rebar centralizer styles and sizes to meet your exact needs. We are an expert rebar fabrication company in Cascade, Iowa, and we offer pre-assembled and fabricated rebar that saves contractors labor hours by reducing the amount of fabrication and assembly done in the field. Reach out to us by giving us a call at (563) 500-6191 or email us at We have over twenty-five years of experience, and we pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff ready to meet your needs. Our services include rebar fabrication, rebar estimating, and rebar pre-assembly services. Clients can avail of our services and products across Cascade, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Davenport, Waterloo, Elkader, Sioux City, Des Moines, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, Omaha, Lincoln, Nebraska, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Kansas City, Wichita, Kansas, St. Louis, Missouri, and Midwest.

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