How This New Construction Trend Could Benefit You

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COVID-19 has caused many significant hurdles for businesses to overcome. Consequently, as enterprises begin to open up post-pandemic, many industries are facing labor shortages. One of the sectors considerably affected by the labor shortage is construction, as there is a high demand for residential buildings across the country. Therefore, contractors have to find new ways to complete projects on time with less skilled labor, which is proving a challenge. As a result, companies will either have to negotiate longer timelines or limit the number of jobs they take on, which will significantly reduce their profit margins.

The other feasible option which is gaining popularity on construction sites is pre-fabrication. It addresses the labor shortage by saving time, enabling contractors to complete projects faster, and maintain completion dates.

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To manufacture our concrete reinforcing steel products, we use the latest market technology, including a climate-controlled warehouse which helps to render innovative solutions. We specialize in rebar fabrication, rebar estimation, and rebar pre-assembly products. Our product range includes stock rebars, wire mesh, rebar couplers, and epoxy-coated rebars. We also offer unique accessories for clients and serve across Cascade, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Davenport, Waterloo, Elkader, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and the tri-state areas.

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