How Contractors Can Reduce Construction Waste With Pre-Fabricated Materials

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As the shortage of resources and pollution of the environment increases at an alarming rate, every industry is looking for means to reduce wastage. By cutting down waste, they also save money, which is an even bigger motivator to engage in waste minimization. In the construction business, waste management is just equally important as there are several resources utilized, and wastage is inescapable if there isn’t proper planning.

One of the best ways to reduce waste in construction is to utilize pre-fabricated materials. To show you how contractors can reduce construction waste with pre-fabricated materials, Bolsinger Rebar has explained three problems below and the solution this product provides.

1. Material wastage wastes time and effort
When contractors fabricate their own rebar onsite, they are often left with cut-offs and scrap that is no longer useful. This scrap often gets piled up on the job site and needs to be managed and disposed of. This all takes up valuable space and time. But, if the contractor considered using pre-fabricated materials, they could significantly reduce this waste, not to mention cut down their construction time.

To acquire pre-fabricated rebar, all a contractor needs to do is reach out to us at Bolsinger Rebar and place an order based on their requirements. Our rebar comes pre-cut and pre-bent to the exact needs of the project, ensuring there is no scrap left over.

2. Excess scrap and waste can be expensive
Rebar is commonly sold by the ton. As it is a commodity, its price fluctuates often. Contractors need to manage these costs when the cost of steel is high and also prepare for waste cuts into their profit.

Fortunately, pre-fabricated rebar requires contractors to only pay for the steel they need. The rebar lengths are optimized in the production shop to get the most usable length out of each bar. This reduces the amount that is scrapped and recycled and allows the contractor to save on material costs.

3. Disposing of the scraps is an added expense
The secondary cost of scrap and leftover waste is the cost of disposing of it. On a job site, scrap dumpsters take up valuable space. Metal dumpsters must be managed properly to ensure non-metal materials are not disposed of, or the recycling center could reject it. With pre-fabricated materials, contractors reduce metal waste and save money by not having to collect and dispose of metal waste.

For more information on how pre-fabricated materials can help you reduce your construction expenses and efforts, reach out to us at Bolsinger Rebar. We are a rebar fabrication company in Cascade, Iowa. We specialize in rebar sales, fabrication, pre-assembly services, and accessories, and we believe in providing quality products and value-added services to make our customers the most efficient they can be. We offer pre-assembled and fabricated rebar that saves contractors labor hours by reducing the amount of fabrication and assembly done in the field.

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