What Are Rebar Pier Cages?

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As rebar fabrication experts, we play a vital role in the construction of pier foundations. To reinforce these concrete foundations, we produce rebar pier cages that are are pre-tied rebar elements. They strengthen concrete piers and cylindrical foundations, making them less brittle. A pre-assembled rebar cage allows contractors to save time and accelerate their concrete pour schedules and shorten their project deadlines. They even reduce onsite labor risks and improve work quality as each rebar pier cage will be made with perfect attention to detail.

The rebar pier cages that we make can be used in a variety of applications. Large pier cages are used for large, cast-in-place concrete columns in various settings, including bridge piers, elevated highway sections, and high-rise buildings. Smaller pier cages are used for residential, light commercial, and agricultural concrete when cylindrical foundation elements are required.

Rebar pier cages are highly skilled and labor-intensive reinforcing steel elements. Depending on the size, they can take tens of hundreds of onsite man-hours to tie together. These man-hours are compounded when multiple cages are needed, weather conditions are poor, or there is not enough skilled labor. Contractors can utilize pre-tied pier cages to speed up concrete pours and construction schedules by eliminating those onsite labor hours for tying rebar. Only a fraction of labor is needed to set these pier cages into place when compared to tying them onsite.

When large quantities of rebar pier cages are needed, quality and consistency can suffer when these cages are tied onsite. Schedule pressure, labor availability, weather, and other job site conditions can greatly affect the quality of cages tied onsite. These factors can be eliminated when the cages are pre-tied in a climate-controlled warehouse, using consistent labor and the efficiencies of assembly jigs.

Generally, the cost of rebar pier cages varies based on their size. But contractors are able to offset the material costs by a reduction of onsite labor, reducing the risks associated with large onsite tying crews, increased safety, less waste, and shortened schedules.

At Bolsinger Rebar, we ensure you the best prices for rebar pier cages. We also deliver to any job site as per your preference. Our rebar fabrication company is in Cascade, Iowa, specializes in rebar sales, fabrication, pre-assembly services, and accessories. We believe in providing quality products and value-added services to make your construction project as efficient as it can be.

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